How it began

What do you do when you’re inspired by a family history in personal care products and your generation’s desire for sustainable skincare? The answer is: ZERO.

ZERO is exactly what Holly Wagman did. At the age of 22, Holly joined Skin Academy, an exciting new skincare business based in London, and soon began working on what has now evolved into ZERO, an all-natural, planet-friendly skincare brand.

Suffering from ultra-sensitive skin and eczema in her teenage years, Holly became acutely aware that she had to be very selective with the products she used on her skin, especially her face and around her eyes. It became a passionate quest to understand the origin of ingredients, their properties and their benefits, with a special focus on naturally derived botanical ingredients, which she found her skin tolerated and responded to best.

Wanting to make a difference and driven by her own personal need for skincare that would nourish and not aggravate her skin, Holly focused her educational pursuits in the realms of Food Science, Chemistry, Biology and Business Management.

Now, as Head of Product Development at Skin Academy, Holly combines her knowledge and passion for natural botanical ingredients with her desire to lessen our collective impact on the planet.

“As a beauty brand developer looking to reimagine traditional skincare products, it was important for me to think outside the skincare jar and ensure that all aspects of ZERO products and packaging were as safe for the environment as they are for our skin.”

Holly Wagman

Holly Wagman, Natural Skincare Entrepreneur
and Product Development Expert

Holly Wagman

“I personally know how important it is to understand what you are putting on your skin.”

Our Ethos

ZERO. Your Skin. Our Planet.

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We believe ‘natural’ should be a choice that is available to everyone – and one that shouldn’t cost the earth.

At ZERO by Skin Academy, it is our mission to help you care for your skin naturally without sacrificing the beauty of our planet. From day one, we’ve used only the best, completely natural ingredients, thoughtfully packaged to minimise waste and keep our environmental footprint as light as possible.

ZERO exists to redefine beauty. We celebrate natural beauty. And we’re showing that simple choices can lead to positive change.

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The ZERO Difference

Reasons to love
ZERO by Skin Academy

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients

At ZERO, we believe that everything you need to take care of your skin can be found in nature. Each product is made from a unique combination of ingredients to deliver the perfect balance of skin nourishment, efficacy and affordability.

ZERO formulations are certified as being 100% derived from a natural source by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Discover why our ingredients are so good for your skin.


Palm Oil


We take pride in using only the best botanical ingredients in our formulations. Anything synthetic or with the potential to cause harm to ourselves, animals or the environment is a no-go.

Here you can find out about the ingredients that we have decided should never be included in the formulation of our products.



ZERO is a 100% vegan brand. We love our animal friends, and we will never use animal derivatives of any kind, including lanolin, honey and beeswax.

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Less Is More

Paring your skincare routine down to a collection of carefully-formulated, botanical-rich products will keep your skin happy and your routine simple.

Our formulations have been crafted to complement each other, each with a role to play in helping your skin look and feel healthy and radiant.

Sustainable Packaging

Earth-friendly packaging

We design our products to have as little impact on our planet as possible at every stage, even when they’re finished. Learn about our commitment to sustainability and how we’re continually improving our packaging.

Here you can find out more about how we have sustainably sourced and packaged our products.

British Created

British Created & Developed

Led by ZERO’s founder and Head of New Product Development, Holly Wagman, our brilliant team is dedicated to creating the best plant-based beauty products in the most sustainable packaging possible.

We are proud to say that ZERO is 100% British-based and all our products and packaging are designed and developed in the UK.

Animal Kind

Animal Kind

ZERO by Skin Academy has never tested any of its individual ingredients or skincare products on animals.

Thankfully, it is now against the law in Europe for any beauty products to be tested on animals. As a European beauty brand, we naturally comply with the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and can proudly confirm we are and will always be cruelty free. We have also made the choice to never directly sell our products into any country that requires animal testing to be undertaken as part of the requirements to be able to sell there.