The ZERO difference

We choose sustainable

At ZERO by Skin Academy our mission is to celebrate the natural beauty of your skin while being just as kind to our planet.

As a brand, we recognise that every choice we make in the development and creation of our products and packaging has an impact on our own environmental footprint. And that by keeping sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we’re making it easier for you to make earth-friendly choices, too.

Did you know that plastic bottles take around 500 years to decompose? The average person in the UK uses 117 plastic bottles per year, which equates to a staggering 7.7 billion bottles nationwide.* We don’t want to be part of this problem. And we’re taking positive steps to show there’s no need to be.

Every part of our packaging has been produced to be fully recyclable and minimise the impact on our environment. We’re committed to actively researching and improving our packaging, making it as sustainable and recyclable as possible with ZERO compromise on quality.

*According to ISM Waste.

Our Sustainable Packaging

ZERO face scrub tube packaging
  • Tubes made from sugarcane ethanol Fully recyclable
  • Cardboard packaging Made from 15% recycled card, fully recyclable

All ZERO products are made in the UK and arrive in 100% recycled card transit cartons

ZERO Jar Packaging with bamboo lid
  • Bamboo lids Fully compostable
  • Glass jars Fully recyclable and reusable

Our pledge to you

When it comes to looking after our planet, we will never stop trying to do better. We’re continually improving and developing our packaging, on a journey to making it the most sustainable it can possibly be.

Sustainable Boxes by 2021

100% sustainable boxes by 2021

All boxes and leaflets will be made from recycled materials by 2021

Vegetable ink by 2021

Vegetable-based ink from 2021

We’ll switch from oil-based ink to vegetable-based ink by 2021

Recyclable Tubes

Plastic-free tubes

Did you know?

On average, UK households throw away at least 40kg of plastic each, which is enough to make 10 recycle bins, and as a nation, enough to circle the world five times. Despite an ever-growing awareness of the impact of plastic pollution and the damage caused from producing it, just 45% of plastics used in the UK are recycled. This means that 55% of all our plastic waste ends up in landfills or in the ocean.*

In light of this, ZERO Facial Wash, Hand & Nail Cream, Face Scrub and Eye Cream all come in Green Polyethylene tubes, made from sustainably sourced sugarcane ethanol to help keep our carbon footprint low. As an alternative to plastic, each metric ton of Green Polyethylene produced avoids the emission of approximately 2 to 2.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide through the manufacturing chain.** Our tubes are fully recyclable and feature the ‘I’m green’ seal, guaranteeing their bio-based composition.

*According to ISM Waste. 

** According to ASTM D6866.

Recyclable Jars

Recyclable glass jars

Did you know?

Glass bottles take around 1 million years to fully decompose. The average UK household uses 500 glass bottles and jars every year, but sadly only recycles 50% of these, unlike Finland and Switzerland who recycle more than 90%.*

Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material that can be used over and over again without deteriorating in quality, and is why we’ve chosen glass jars as the packaging for ZERO Day and Night Cream. Topped with fully compostable bamboo lids, they’re sealed with a removable shive made from recycled plastic.

*According to ISM Waste.

Recyclable Boxes

Recyclable boxes

Did you know?

Of the 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard used annually in the UK, 7 million tonnes is disposed of as landfill.* To give an idea of just how much that it is, if you were to weigh all that, it would be heavier than the great Pyramid of Giza.

To avoid being part of the problem, all ZERO products come in fully recyclable boxes that are easy to flatten and put in your recycling bin. The boxes are made from 15% recycled card, which is the highest recycled content we can use without causing issues to the print on the box. The other 85% is made from virgin card that is sustainably sourced. Finally, we are proud to say that our boxes are certified to the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard, which means we’ve met their strict sustainability standards.

*According to AASVOGEL.

ZERO Recyclable Packaging

Did you know?

Only 48.5% of household waste is recycled in the UK

Recycling is one of the easiest, most impactful ways we can be kinder to our planet on a daily basis. Not just to stop waste going to landfill or ending up in the oceans. But to reduce the amount of raw materials and energy needed to make new products.

Every part of ZERO packaging is recyclable, to make it easy for you to make a difference.

Recycle Glass Jars

How to recycle our glass jars?

Rinsing your jar is the first step – leftover liquids and creams can contaminate other recyclables which may mean they aren’t recycled. It’s then ready to place into your glass recycling bin at home or at your local disposal centre.

Recycle Tubes

How to recycle our tubes?

To remove all the product from our tubes, snip off the top and scrape it out with a brush or a spoon or give it a thorough rinse. Once empty place in the plastic recycling bin  – check your local collection tips about whether to leave the lid on or off.

Recycle Bamboo Lids

How to recycle bamboo lids from the glass jars?

Our bamboo lids are compostable, so give them a rinse and place in your garden waste bin. The shive that comes between the lid and the glass jar can be washed off and placed into the glass and plastic bin.

Recycle Retail Boxes

How to recycle our retail boxes?

Fully recyclable, all you need to do is flatten the boxes and place them in your paper and cardboard bin.